Vision and Mission

To excel as a global paper merchandising, converting and distribution company through customer driven excellence with legal and ethical commitments.

Mission: To ensure satisfaction of customers through sale of quality products at reasonable prices adopting latest technology and knowledge.

Our Philosophy: The secret of our success is actually no secret at all. The basic ingredients are well known and they include- hard work, vast experience and an intimate knowledge of the market. Today, we are the leading suppliers of coated and uncoated, wood-free, packaging and specialty papers in Pune and its environs. Over the years, in this business, we have developed sensitivity to the needs of our customers - quality, prompt delivery and rational costs. Our business philosophy has evolved to provide precisely this. This ethic has become a part of the thought process of our young and energetic sales professionals. Conversant with the latest technology, available product mix and specific applications, they are able to identify and recommend the most suitable papers for our customers' needs. While our past is a story of promises fulfilled, it is the future that promises fresh opportunities. We look into the past and study the evolution of products till the present, and the demands that drove this evolution. Trust is a vital underpinning of our rock-solid reputation. This trust has been cultivated, largely, by our policy of selling only high-end branded products. Our relationship with customers is not a casual 'We Sell, You Buy' interaction. It is a partnership, mutually beneficial. Our customers are our friends and our friendship lasts forever.

Our Strength: Today we are a team of young and energetic professionals equipped with the latest technology and supported by a strong sales group. It is our sincere effort to give you truly world class service and a superior range of paper products, with tomorrow in mind. We are committed to sell branded products like International Paper, Hammermill, SPB Paper, Avery Dennison and many more. Branding makes our products easy to select, encourages us to gear paper performance to the needs of specific readerships and enhances the profitability of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction: We think a lot about how we deal with present and potential customers, rapidly bringing a high level of professional competence to solve their problems. We do this consistently, whether assisting customers before an order, sharing information, delivering on time and on specification, or giving the best service support in our industry. Dedication to high performance is hard, but satisfying, work. We maintain long term relationships that add value to customer products and services.
Our Business Partners