Social responsibility

We are working with the Students Welfare Association, Pune where we have installed three Paper Cup machines and one punching machine. In this process of manufacturing paper cups all the blanks are processed and packed by the students of the hostel. The packing and counting of paper cups is also done by the students. We have our skilled labor looking after the process involved with the machines while all other work is carried out by the students.
Currently this setup is there in two of the hostels. One on Fergusson College Road (Girls Hostel) and the other one on Senapati Bapat Road (Boys Hostel). In this scheme all the students are paid with regarding to their hours of work. Such income helps these students to reduce the financial burden of their parents. All these students study in their respective college timings and are eager to work in their free time. Currently we have enrolment of around 200 students.
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