Cast Coated Paper

A high gloss, mirror-like surface, one side or two sides.Allowing the coating to harden while in contact with chromium polished surfaced coats cast coated paper.

In the process of cast coating, the coated paper is press against a solid, highly polished chrome surface while the coating is in a plastic condition. The gloss of the drum is thereby cast into the coated surface after drying. The coated finish is similar to the surface it has been in contact with during drying.

Cast coated paper possess high bulk & high ink absorbing qualities since the mirror like finish is obtained without calendaring. Cast coated paper are the glossiest of all coated paper and used for advertising, graphic board, covers, greeting card, packaging, labels, and where high gloss, bulk & stiffness is required.
Cast-coated wet strength paper basically has got properties that resist disintegration and rupture when saturated with water

Features and Benefits:

    Higher glossiness before and after printing
    Good wet tensile strength
    Good alkali penetration and resistivity
    Good wet opacity
    Good paper smoothness
    Better printability and ink coverage
    No disintegration of label during recycling
    Excellent results in metalizing, high speed printing, die cutting and labeling applications
    Less transparent label

End Applications:

    Wine label
    Beer label
    Champagne label
    Liquor label

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