Duplex Board

It is a recycle paper board which is used for wide variety of packaging applications such as folding cartons, beverage carriers, book and report covers, mailing tubes, and video cassette boxes, to name just a few. Outstanding paper stiffness is a strong support for carton laminating and die-cutting. Super surface coating, good surface smoothness, stable ink absorbability, low surface roughness and rich printing dots makes excellent printing result. Good surface decoration feature assures excellent calendaring, hot-stamping and laminating results.
Our product line of Paper Boards brings you a wide range of quality grades to choose from including a growing selection of weights, gram mage, textures and finishes, competitively priced and available in:
•    Greyback
•    White back



Due to excellent color printing effect, C1S duplex board with gray back and white back is widely used for color printing and packaging of cosmetics, toys, house appliance, wine box or beer carton box, fur-it carton box, and other packaging needs. Duplex board is a type of board made from wood pulp and is cheaper compared to other types of boards. Duplex boards provide variety of textures for printing. It is also used in food packaging

Quality Advantages:
•    Better Formation
•    Better Retention
•    Better Orientation
•    Even Dryness
•    Better Run Ability
•    Better MD/CD Profile
•    Better Printability
•    Higher Smoothness and Better Surface
•    Better Surface Properties

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