SBS ( Solid Bleached Sulfate ) Board

Solid Bleached Board (SBB) or Solid bleached sulphate (SBS) is a virgin fiber grade of paperboard.
This grade is made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or synthetic pigment coated top surface in one or more layers (C1S) and often also a coating on the reverse side (C2S). It is a medium density board with good printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses and is perfectly white both inside and out. It can easily be cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed. Its other properties, such as being hygienic and pure with no smell and taste, make it usable for packaging aroma and flavor sensitive products such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetics.
Solid Bleached Sulfate is the highest quality and most expensive paper board substrate. It is produced from bleached virgin wood pulp. SBS can be used as moisture barrier in the liquid and food packaging, and high end packaging where the quality of printed image is required.

•    Cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging
•    Ice cream packaging
•    Bakery and other food packaging
•    Additional high-end packaging applications

GSM:  190 - 450

•    Extra smooth surface
•    Excellent Stiffness and Good Bulk
•    Natural white surface
•    Excellent stiffness and high bulk
•    Very high whiteness
•    Good bulk and smoothness

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