Maplitho Papers

This grade of paper is available in both standard specifications and customized requirements, based on specific end use /unique customer need. Besides, the high quality consistency and brightness of the product, with the objective of providing the customer with the whitest sheet of paper, it is our endeavor to ensure superior functional properties such as bulk and stiffness for substitution to lower grammage papers to save costs. Paper will be available in high quality reels and sheets to ensure customer does not incur any pre-print waste. The range of papers on offer is intended to meet the needs of high end commercial printing jobs, publishing, office stationery and multifarious other applications. Papers of different specifications are accessible at different price points to suit varied clientele needs.


High-bright surface-sized Paper suited for multiple applications.
Hi-bright, hi-strength and hi-stiff paper with a pleasant shade.
Enhanced visual appeal and feel.
Excellent surface and optical properties leading to quality printing.
Ideal for quality notebooks, diaries, calendars and annual reports.

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